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WW01P polyester cartridge for WW01 / WW01L

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WW01P polyester insert for forklifts / campers

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Replaceable WW01P polyester cartridge

Application: LPG

Efficient filter cartridge in propane cylinders. Transportation in forklifts, gas stoves, motorhomes and caravans, compressors and speed-speed vehicles.

Technical data:

Total liner size: 24.5 mm

Filter cartridge diameter: 35 mm

Capacity diameter: 8.5mm

Filter material: Polyester

Throughput: 280l / (m² s)

Weight: 170g / m²

Thickness: 0.44mm

Filter area: 0.0075 m²

Intercepted particles: from 1μm in 99%


Included: WW01P polyester insert - 1 piece

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