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Filter / cartidge Tomasetto AT09 Polyester insert

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Filter cartridge in the Tomasetto LPG reducer

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Product description: 

Filter cartridge in the Tomasetto LPG reducer (AT-09 Alaska, Artic, Nordic, Nordic XP, AT-13 Antartic, AT-13 XP). Filters LPG in the liquid phase and protects the installation against solid contamination. The filtering partition of the cartridge is made of polyester.

Why polyester?
This material captures particles from 1 μm in 99% (3 μm paper in 60%)!

It is recommended to replace the cartridge every 10,000 km

Technical data:

Height: 20 mm
Outer diameter: 35 mm
Inside diameter of the hole: 16 mm
Filter wall: polyester


Tomasetto filter cartridge - 1 pc

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