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LPG filter F-701W for gas cylinder

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LPG filter F-701W for gas cylinder

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Application: LPG

Propane cylinder filter. Used in forklifts, gas stoves, motorhomes and caravans, compressors and low speed vehicles. Thanks to its small size and high durability, it can be used in hard-to-reach places exposed to dirt.

Ready for assebly.



Working pressure: max. 3000 kPa

Developer: Certools

Approval: E20 67R-010531

Component parts:

  •          body,
  •          filter cartridge (paper),
  •          2-o-rings,
  •          nipple with a nut W21.8L,
  •          reduction with a seal.


Filter F-701W (with an angular output of 90 degrees) - 1 piece

Attention! The cylinder in the photo is only to show how to install the filter. Sale without cylinder!

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